Hear, O ye heavens, and give ear, O earth, and rejoice ye inhabitants thereof, for the Lord is God, and beside him there is no Savior. Great is his wisdom, marvelous are his ways, and the extent of his doings none can find out. His purposes fail not, neither are there any who can stay his hand. From eternity to eternity he is the same, and his years neverfail. For thus saith the Lord—I, the Lord, am merciful and gracious unto those who fear me, and delight to honor those who serve me in righteousness and in truth unto the end. Great shall be their reward and eternal shall be their glory.

Doctrine & Covenants 76:1-6

Monday, 26 September 2011

Roseberry Topping, Capture the Flag, and a Dead Bunny


This week went by so FAST! I can't believe my first transfer is almost over! Weird. . . :)
Sorry about how short last week's email was, we were having our zone p-day and our zone leaders made it sound like we had to be SUPER quick with our emails. We ended up having like 45 minutes to burn afterwards, hahaha.
We went hiking at a place called Roseberry Topping, and that was pretty fun. It was so steep though! When we got to the top we just hung out for a while taking pictures and stuff. Then we went down the . . . mountain. . . no it's more like a big hill. But, yeah, once we were off the big hill we played capture the flag, which was fun as well! Except for the part when I was running and then I saw this dead bunny and it was bloody and gross and very DEAD so I had to LEEEAAAAPPPP over it and I landed funny on my knee. I was running after one of my zone leaders afterwards and my knee started to really hurt and I kind of fell. . . and he was like, 'Oh! Man down!' and we was acting like he was gonna see if I was okay. . . yeah right! He came up to me and said, 'Are you okay?' then he ran around me and grabbed the flag and ran to his side! Unfair! But I was still on the ground nursing my knee after he got to his side and he came back over and made sure I was okay. So all was well. I showed him where the dead rabbit was and he picked it up and started to chase people around with it. The maturity level of some Elders is astounding. :) But it was funny. And disgusting. We all got bored of capture the flag and for the rest of the p-day we just threw rocks at the rabbit. Very exciting.
My knee hurt that night, a LOT, but since then my knee hasn't hurt at all. :)
The rest of this week has been kind of a blur. We had a fireside at our mini chapel on Saturday and President Lindley spoke. It was good! More people showed up then we expected so that was nice! But one of our investigators came to it and he was drunk. And after it was all over, he kind of made a scene. Luckily our Branch President was there to help us sort it all out. But all in all, it was a success. 
That same investigator said he was going to come to church yesterday, but he didn't show up. So we kept trying to get a hold of him, but he was kind of ignoring us. I think he was mostly embarassed about the whole situation. So Sister Smith and I went by his flat yesterday and we knew he was in, because his curtains were moving and he lives alone, but he wasn't answering the door. So I yelled through the post slot. Sister Smith was going to do it, but then I was like, 'I want to do it.' But then right after I said that, I regretted it. I didn't want to do it. But I did do it, because she woudn't let me not do it after that. :) She is such a fantastic trainer! :) 
I think that's all I have left to talk about for this week. . . :D
Sister Stout


(Ali send these pics along with some others, but some wouldn't download for some reason.  I'll add them later if I can get them downloaded.)

"My Zone! :D"

"My District on P-day"

"Sister Smith and I at our District P-day"
"Our victory picture for winning the Billiham Belt thing for most investigators present!" (I have no idea what that means exactly, but she and her comp were pretty excited about winning it :)

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