Hear, O ye heavens, and give ear, O earth, and rejoice ye inhabitants thereof, for the Lord is God, and beside him there is no Savior. Great is his wisdom, marvelous are his ways, and the extent of his doings none can find out. His purposes fail not, neither are there any who can stay his hand. From eternity to eternity he is the same, and his years neverfail. For thus saith the Lord—I, the Lord, am merciful and gracious unto those who fear me, and delight to honor those who serve me in righteousness and in truth unto the end. Great shall be their reward and eternal shall be their glory.

Doctrine & Covenants 76:1-6

Monday, 30 January 2012


Nothing too exciting happened this week, but I just love getting to be out here, talking to everybody and seeing people get touched by the spirit! SUCH an EPIC experience!
We had a sick day this week though. . . Sister Evans caught a bug, so I spent all of Tuesday making T-Books for Sisters Smith and Terry. :) But MAN it is SO BORING just sitting around your flat for 12 hours with NOTHING to do. All I wanted to do that day was go outside and talk to people.
Transfers are next week, ALREADY! It is absolutely crazy how fast time is moving out here. I reach my sixth month mark on Sunday! :o
Wow, sorry for how boring this is. . . OH! I know a story I can tell!
Okay, so the other week, during nightly planning, Sister Evans had this potential investigator she had met a couple of months ago pop into her head and she was like, 'I need to ring that person tomorrow and set up an appointment'. But then about 15 minutes later HE RANG US! Crazy, right? Then he asked for a Book of Mormon and that he was really interested! :D We have been seeing him regularly since. He is a 16 year old college student AND HE IS AMAZING! He rings us all the time with SUCH good questions! And one day he rang us and asked if we really weren't allowed to drink coffee, and we said yes. So the next day he wanted us to teach him that lesson, so we did and when we committed him to live the Word of Wisdom, he said that he had been living it since we told him the day before! He is such a good kid and he LOVES the Book of Mormon. It has been an incredible experience, getting to teach him. :)
Sister Ali Stout

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  1. Ali, You're doing great things In Leeds. So glad to read your postings!! Aunt Derry